"Jab Harry Met Sejal" Reviewed By An American

Shahrukh really needs to stop trying to do on screen kisses. He’s the king of the near-kiss, the neck kiss, the hand kiss, and the forehead kiss, but he’s CLEARLY uncomfortable when he breaks his own rule and does an on-screen kiss on the mouth. I could almost him imagine wiping off his mouth after each take and saying, “Yuck!” For Anushka's sake, I really hope they didn't need to do that more than a couple of times!

I spent most of “Jab Harry Met Sejal” waiting for Shahrukh and Anushka to kiss, assuming they never actually would. That tension is part of the beauty of a Shahrukh film. And then when it finally happened - I was so disappointed.

But let me back up. “JHMS” had other problems too.

I liked the beginning. I kept thinking, “Wow, what an interesting character for SRK to play!" He has such a clean-cut image - even when he’s playing a villain, you could imagine him remaining loyal to one woman for his entire life.

I got this picture from Pixabay - it's not my artwork.

But then the plot got stretched thin. How long can this go on? You know they’re eventually going to wind up together. The only question is whether or not Anushka's character, Sejal, will get on the plane first. The second half of the film dragged. And I would have loved some more depth - Harry seems to be pining for some long lost love - and it turns out to be a woman he saw twice? Please. And why didn’t he return home to India after giving up a singing career in Canada? Incidentally, why is that where one would run to for a singing career anyway? Why give up trying to be a singer and wind up as a tour guide in Europe?

At first, I was thinking this might be one of the better films Shahrukh has done for several years. But by intermission I was hoping it would just wrap up.

The movie was cute, and if you like a Shahrukh rom-com, this will be right up your alley. There were a few laughs. I don't know how much non-SRK fans will enjoy this film.

This film was murdered by a thin plot. But Shahrukh, Sir, if you ever read this, please stay true to yourself and stop doing on screen kisses when you’re CLEARLY uncomfortable with it. It makes the audience uncomfortable, too, when it looks like you’re being forced to kiss your sister.

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